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Helping employees address the challenges they and their families face gives them confidence, helps them focus and builds loyalty – not a bad investment.


Supplemental Insurance Complements Your Employee Benefits.

You want employees to be satisfied with their benefits – that’s critical to attracting and retaining the best performers. You also need to manage costs to stay competitive and grow. Combined Worksite Solutions helps employers do both. You can provide the supplemental insurance your workforce wants AND manage the cost of doing so.

First, we help communicate the value of the benefits your company offers. That way, employees understand what their total compensation is really worth.

Then, we offer Combined Insurance supplemental insurance policies and help them understand how these products complement their existing benefits. We explain they’re value-added benefits available as a result of their employment.

The best part for your company is that because these are supplemental policies paid for by employees directly, there is no additional cost to you and little or no administrative overhead. You get the benefit of Combined Worksite Solutions account executives working with your employees and providing customer service – all of which your employees appreciate.

It’s a “win-win.”

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