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PSA for Millennials Still Searching - Consider Combined Insurance!

Ana is a successful, motivated, bilingual, Millennial sales agent working in southeastern United States, and she has a message for her peers still looking for a meaningful career: Consider being an agent at Combined Insurance!

She is sharing her positive experience, because she knows there’s someone out there like her, searching for the right career-and she doesn’t want them to miss this opportunity.

Why she loves it

“I would strongly recommend working as a sales agent at Combined Insurance to my peers with the right work ethic and drive for success!  Combined is a great company, and it gives you the opportunity to become an amazing leader and entrepreneur in your local community,” Ana explains. “This company empowers you to build a career and to earn a great income. Combined provides you with the tools you need to be successful from day one.”

Ana credits her success with:

  • Her high motivation to earn commissions
  • Her positive attitude and energy
  • Love of the entrepreneurial  aspects of the career
  • Support and training from the company

Taking full advantage of the opportunities Combined Insurance has given her-from the comprehensive training in the home office to the ongoing support of her managers and team members, Ana has grown to be one of the top producers in her area.

Bright future

And, Ana is in it for the long run. She explains, “My goal at Combined is to continue my development into management. I just got promoted to a Sales Coordinator and I would like to continue becoming a great leader and role model for my team members in this industry. I am building a long lasting career at Combined, and nothing will stop me!”

Ana knows that being a sales agent may not be top-of-mind for her peers still searching for the right career, and that’s why she wants to get her message out.

“Combined completely changed my life. The company has given me to opportunity to reach my personal and professional goals more quickly than I could have ever imagined. The Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) philosophy is part of my life now, and I use it every day.”

More info?

If you think you have what it takes to succeed at Combined Insurance, check out our open positions today.