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From Massage Therapist to an Award Winning Agent: Keith Credits PMA

Sales success can start anywhere. Some of our very best agents come from backgrounds that may not seem conventional at first glance, but they do have one thing in common: Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

Meet Keith

One of our new and award-winning Agents, Keith Sands, has already earned promotions and the attention of Combined Insurance leaders. Keith brings a distinctive set of skills to the table—the massage table, dinner table, or customer’s living room table. Prior to joining Combined Insurance, Keith worked as a massage therapist and professional chef, having graduated from culinary arts school ten years ago. He also sold life insurance alongside Chris Murray, now Keith’s District Manager.

“Chris and I used to work together and have remained great friends,” explains Keith. “He introduced me to Combined Insurance and got me into this business.” Making a career out of selling Combined’s supplemental insurance products was an appealing prospect, he says, “because the sky is the limit.” He appreciates that working at Combined gives him “the constant opportunity to keep growing.”

No signs of stopping in sight

Keith is quick to credit other people when discussing his successful endeavors. “I surround myself with positive people like Chris Murray, who hold me accountable and push me,” he says. “They’ll tell me the way it is!” He goes on to say that “Combined Insurance provides a great support system with different avenues to learn the business—and everyone is extremely helpful.”

On a more personal level, Keith attributes his success at Combined to his vibrant personality, PMA, his willingness to keep learning, and the “thick skin” required to keep moving past sales objections. He’s motivated largely by his family and hopes to “change my family dynamic for generations to come by always being in a position to help people.”

The secrets to building an empire

Keith has a strong drive to succeed and improve, qualities that all of our successful agents share. “Keith rises to the occasion,” says Chris Murray. “He’s a total team player, always putting the team first. To have his vision and energy—and the ability to put that into our team’s chemistry—is really special,” he explains.

Keith had no supplemental insurance background before Combined Insurance, but he has taken skills learned in sales school, and brought success and a positive energy to his team. “Keith was a driving force in breaking two Long Island market team records in three months,” said Chris Murray. “We plan to build an empire together!”

Keith continues to conquer, and this charismatic team player intends to become the top agent in the country.

We are hiring

We love Keith’s story because it embodies the story of so many of our successful agents at Combined Insurance today. We thank Keith for sharing, and we thank Chris for introducing him to Combined Insurance and seeing Keith’s potential.

To our employees, don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for potential agents like Keith. And, to our potential employees, be sure to contact us if you think you have what it takes to succeed here!