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A Look at Today's Insurance Agent-as-Adviser

Insurance agents may have sales careers, but they’re doing a lot more than selling. And even though they’re acting as agents, they’re doing a lot more than facilitating transactions. Sure, they work hard pounding the pavement and prospecting for new customers—and they’re great at selling insurance and matching their customers with product solutions. But it’s time to expand the description of their role. Insurance sales agents today are also advisers, providing education and support (and yes, sales services) to customers in a changing marketplace.

Insurance agents deliver value across the sales spectrum

The role of an insurance agent is also that of an adviser, consultant and confidant. They’re licensed professionals who can make a big difference in their customers’ lives, helping them understand their needs while providing invaluable peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why people consider their insurance agents their trusted advisers: 

They break down the complexity of today’s marketplace

Consider the changes introduced by healthcare reform as well as the ongoing challenges with insurance premiums and out-of-pocket affordability. It can be difficult for people to determine what type of healthcare coverage* they’re required to have, let alone need to have for optimal protection from the “what ifs.”

Insurance agents are industry educators—experts who are trained, licensed and uniquely qualified to help customers navigate the marketplace. They can help customers sort out the terminology, understand how insurance works and grasp the true value of quality coverage.

They advise on “the right coverage for me”

Today, insurance consumers, especially in the health insurance marketplace, have lots of options—and lots of questions. Not only do people need traditional major medical insurance, but many want additional coverage from supplemental policies. And individuals, families, and employers alike have a lot competing for their budget dollars. Insurance agents can explain the various coverage types and plan options (e.g. deductibles, plan limits), perform qualification and needs assessments, and help their customers make informed choices.

They build long-lasting relationships

Most successful insurance agents aren’t in the business of making one-off sales. They want to help their customers fulfill their insurance needs over time, as their lives and families change. They want to provide personal, ongoing service—and work with companies who support their efforts. Relationships matter to today’s insurance agents because they matter to customers. In fact, a Salesforce study reveals 75% of policyholders would switch insurers in order to get more personalized service someone they can collaborate with to reach their financial goals year after year.1

Insurance agents are always available to their customers for support, whether they’re interested in applying for a new form of coverage, filing a claim or wondering how a life change will impact the health of their insurance portfolio.

This level of services goes well beyond a simple sales transaction. It enters the territory of a consultative partnership—one that’s built for long-term success.

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 1 “3 Steps to Go From Insurance Agent to Trusted Advisor.” Salesforce Blog, opens in a new window

* Combined Insurance does not issue or underwrite major medical or other minimal essential coverage.