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5 Things to Love about Being an Insurance Sales Agent

We may be a little biased in the recruiting department at Combined Insurance, but we think choosing a career in insurance sales is a great idea!  Anyone who’s eager to dig in, learn the ropes, find a trove of happy customers and chase new opportunities is bound for success.

Here are 5 things we think you’ll love about it.

1. Opportunity is always knocking

If you’re willing to work hard, the job of an insurance agent can go the distance. That’s because insurance sales is considered by many to be a stable career. In good economic times and bad, there are always people buying insurance products—and there’s always a need for someone to sell them.

But take it from agents themselves: nearly 86% of young agents participating in the Insurance Journal’s 2019 Young Agents Surveylink opens in a new window, described their career outlook as "optimistic" or “very optimistic."1 What’s more, they feel confident that the industry and their own agencies will attract quality individuals to fill the talent gap in the coming years.

Maybe now's the perfect time to consider the insurance industry!

2. Lifestyle flexibility

An article in LearningAdvisorlink opens in a new window informs people looking for a mid-life career change that “If you’re tired of the 9 to 5 grind, becoming an insurance sales agent can offer you the flexible hours you’ve been looking for.” Insurance agents—at any age—usually have control over their own schedules. Meeting with customers in the evenings? Use your mornings to go to the gym. Have a standing wellness appointment on Tuesday afternoons? Block out your calendar accordingly.

Plus, thanks to the Internet and 24/7 mobile connectivity, it’s easy to stay productive during “off” hours. This makes an agent’s office hours—and free-time hours—more flexible! This is appreciated by agents with families or otherwise jam-packed schedules. You’re not necessarily tied to a desk or a time-clock and can get your work done when it makes the most sense for you.

Find out how an insurance sales career changed the lifestyle of one of our agents in Q & A With One of our Up-and-Coming Sales Agents, Tara.

3. Virtually unlimited earnings potential

When it comes to insurance sales, there’s a commission check at the end of almost every sale. The more you sell, the more you earn. 30% of young agents can expect to earn more than $100,000 per year, according to the Insurance Journal’s 2019 Young Agents Survey.1

Read this Q & A With One of our Talented Millennial Sales Agents, Jean-Carlo, for one agent’s take on his earnings potential.

4. There’s always something new to learn

The insurance landscape is always changing. Laws and regulations change. New products are introduced. New consumer trends emerge. Take health care reform, for example, which continues to keep insurance professionals on their toes. Not only do consumers then look to their agents to help them navigate the changes, but agents can take advantage of new sales opportunities—from marketing to new groups of consumers or cross-selling additional product lines—that arise from the headlines.

What’s more, you can pursue a variety of industry designations to deepen and demonstrate your expertise (just check out this opens in a new window) That means you can transition from a “one-stop-shop” to a laser-focused provider of more specialized coverage. Or, flip that around. You might want to keep expanding your areas of expertise so you can provide clients with an increasingly comprehensive portfolio of insurance solutions.

Just getting started? Read Millennials as Sales Agents: Embracing their Entrepreneurial Spirit.

5. Personal service never goes out of style

While insurance shoppers can go online to research and buy coverage—today, more than ever—many of the products they’re considering are inherently complicated. Many shoppers’ choices are based on highly personal criteria related to their health history, earnings and budgets. Many people rely on the professional guidance of their insurance agent to help them assess their needs and select an appropriate combination of plans.

This is good news if you’re a “people person” who enjoys listening to, building relationships with and helping others. Insurance sales agents act as consultants for customers who come to the table looking for solutions for specific problems. You have the resources and know-how to match them with the types and levels of coverage they need. And you’re always just a phone call (or e-mail) away. That’s personal service at its best—an incredibly valuable thing --- in today’s increasingly digital world.

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