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US Army Experience Prepared Veteran for Success at Combined Insurance

Account Executive at Combined Insurance, Roneisha Ridley, learned early on in her 13 year career in the United States Army that systems and procedures work: they are designed by experienced and knowledgeable leaders with the intention of getting the job done correctly and efficiently. She also learned that knowledge is power and discipline-or lack thereof-can make or break a mission. This wisdom has served her well in her successful career at Combined Insurance, and she’s sharing it with Supplementally Speaking hoping it may help other veterans looking for civilian careers.

Missions and goals

During her 13 years of service in the US Army, Roneisha served 12 months in combat on an Iraq tour. Her army training in goal setting, pursuing education, following systems and procedures and achieving benchmarks helped her remain focused and successful. Once home from Iraq, she was ready for a new civilian career that would harness her knowledge, work ethic and skills.

Opportunity at Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance actively recruits military veterans and reached out to Roneisha to discuss a sales opportunity with her. She was attracted to the sales model of following a defined system in order to reach benchmarks and goals.  Roneisha comments, “The training was excellent.  Systems are set in place with benchmark awards and blue prints out the gate. People in the military are accustomed to structure, discipline and systems. If you give us a mission we will execute the mission. That’s what I love about selling insurance at Combined-the processes to achieve success are very similar to those in the army!” It’s worked for Roneisha. She has met or exceeded every milestone Combined Insurance has set for her since she started her career in February.

  • Combined guarantees an interview for any interested veteran. Clickhere to learn about opportunities in your area.

Authentic customer care

While Roneisha credits all the above for her success, she also asserts that her authentic care and concern for her customers are the essential ingredients that pull it all together. She makes sure her customers are educated and knowledgeable about the products before she helps them make a buying decision. She specializes in selling critical illness and life policies, and sees a need for these products especially in the veterans she serves. She notes, “Many veterans don’t realize the VA doesn’t cover 100% of their expenses. Our products may help cover the expense gaps like co-pays. Also, once out of the military, the life insurance products the army provides may become more expensive. I specialize in helping my customers find products that are more affordable.”

Named #1 Military Friendly Employer

We thank Roneisha for sharing her success story. Combined Insurance was named the #1 Military Friendly Employer for 2019 by Viqtory Media and was selected by US Veterans Magazine as a Top Veteran-Friendly Company. We remain committed to hiring and developing veterans and giving back to the military veteran community through charitable endeavors.