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Bienvenidos to Our New Latino Facebook Page!

We are pleased to announce that we just launched a new Combined Insurance Latino Facebooklink opens in a new window page! Spanish speaking or not, we hope all of you will stop by and like our page and comment on and share our posts. While our Latino page will be similar to our Corporate Facebook page, most of our posts will be in Spanish, and we will be focusing more on Latino culture and events around the nation.

Vice President & Managing Director, US Latino Market, Dennis Ontenada, is dedicated to serving our Spanish speaking customers and employees: “We are constantly growing our Spanish-speaking market in Illinois, Florida, Texas and California and adding bilingual agents and corporate support staff.  We recently launched a new website available in Spanish and English. Having a Facebook page dedicated to our Spanish-speaking customers will help support our efforts to build brand awareness and to reach a broader audience.”

Bilingual buying experience

Our Spanish speaking customers can choose if they want to be serviced in Spanish or English. From meeting with bilingual agents to calling our policyholder support center, to receiving forms in the mail and visiting our website-and now our Facebook page!-all can be done in either Spanish or English.

Bilingual career opportunity

It is our hope that our Latino Facebook page will not only help build our brand in the Latino community, but that it will also help us recruit more agents. Many of our bilingual agents share that they’re grateful for their careers at Combined Insurance because it allows them to actively serve their close-knit communities by offering them supplemental insurance products and educating them on the value these products provide when the unexpected happens.

When asked if Combined Insurance is a good fit for bilingual agents, long-time agent Chico Dennis commented, “As a Latino, I have found this to be a great fit for me, and I believe it could be a great fit for other Latinos in my community. We love the opportunity to connect with and help other Latinos in our communities. Combined makes it easy by offering materials and training in both Spanish and English. Combined is an opportunity for those seeking a better future.”

Read more about Chico’s experience at Combined Insurance.

We’re listening!

We love having an active social media presence because it puts us in close contact with you-our customers. We actively monitor all of our social media pages, and we love hearing from you. Rest assured that if you have a comment or concern, you can reach us on our social pages and we will always respond and make every effort to help, if necessary.

 If you have specific questions about a claim or your policy it’s best to visit our Policyholder Support pages or call 1-800-225-4500.

Like what you see on our social media pages?  Want to see different content?  Let us know on our Facebook wall-we look forward to hearing from you in English or Spanish!