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Andrea Bialkowski


When Andrea interviewed for an Executive Assistant (EA) position at Combined, she shared her dream of completing her computer science degree and working in an IT department, pivoting away from a real estate career.  Combined hired her as an EA, allowed her to finish school, and then offered her a career as Business Analyst in the IT department!  

Andrea shares: “I did not know much about the insurance industry. I worked for over 10 years in real estate I just assumed that all industries would be the same. I was wrong! Combined Insurance has given me an opportunity, they listened to me, and they care not only for the employees but also for their community. There are so many opportunities for growth, to contribute, and to share knowledge that I never thought I could possibly have. I have never met so many humble executives, like the executives of Combined Insurance.”


Brandon McCreary


Throughout his 11- year career with Combined Insurance, Brandon has seen a wide range of talents in several different areas of the business. He credits the insurance industry as an industry where anyone can apply their talents; whether it be web development, marketing, finance, communications or legal. Over the years, Brandon has kept in mind a few positive phrases that have helped strengthen his success and goals. 

Brandon shares: “Do everything with excellence (even the smallest task) to gain the confidence of leaders and peers, give more than you take and treat everyone with respect no matter their position in the company.”
















Kim Baker


When Kim first started her career in the insurance industry, she thought it was “just a job”. Working in the Call Center allowed her to hear personal stories from customers, and how the coverage they purchased truly aeffected their lives. 

Kim shares: “The first time I spoke with a beneficiary who was filing a claim for her husband who just passed away, it became real. About a month later, she called me and told me how important the life insurance benefit was for her ability to be financially secure for her future. It was at that moment that I truly understood what we do and how important it is for us to deliver on our promise.” 


Cindy Wood


Over her almost 40-year career, Cindy has always worked in some facet of the insurance industry. Cindy found all her opportunities in the insurance industry rewarding; however, it was joining Combined that led her to find a great cultural fit and an environment where she could continue to grow. 

Cindy shares: “I am valued for my knowledge and expertise, and I am very excited to meet the challenges to come in 2021!”












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Kelly Kassian


I have represented Combined Insurance for less than a year. Upon graduating, with my Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta, I went on to manage a team of sixty at a Salon. Looking to advance my Sales experience and escape the 9-5, I was approached by a Sales Leader at Combined Insurance. Now, I enjoy managing my own flexible schedule, Combined Insurance has given me the opportunity to use    my creativity.


Ayana Wise


In my first few months at Combined, I began learning about the founder W. Clement Stone, his concept of PMA (positive mental attitude) and the unwavering commitment Combined/ Chubb has to its customers. I soon realized this was the organization for me. Fast forward to today, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in food drives and cultural events, to be a member of the African American Business Roundtable, to  transition into a new department and to honor my mother in breast cancer walks. To know that I work for an organization that consistently encourages me, as an employee, to actively participate in the community, develop myself personally and professionally, makes me proud to be a Combined employee. Combined/ Chubb is always striving to be better than it was yesterday, this encourages me to continue to do the same. As W. Clement Stone said, “Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.
















Kurt Hoffman


Kurt is a strategic project manager in Combined Insurance’s Strategy and Performance group, the company’s Program Management Office.  He is a business transformation professional with core specialties in operating strategy, process design and change management.  His professional work spans numerous industries with a specialization in the services sector.

The challenges and opportunities presented to him in the insurance industry drew him to his current role.

“At Combined, I’m engaged in managing long-term strategic projects during a very exciting time for the company. Here, I’ve found a group of professionals committed to transforming the company for the benefit of its customers and employees.  In my nine months here, I’ve worked with scores of good people.  No egos—just a strong drive to produce results and a deep understanding of the business.

My long-term goal is to develop deeper insurance skills while bringing my operating strategy, process and change management skills to bear for the benefit of the company and ultimately take on other operating challenges.”  #insurancecareers #InsuranceCareersMonth #businesstransformation 


Liz Garcia


Bilingual Field Sales Leadership Development Manager Liza Garcia has to work across many departments to do her job well and support our field market teams, who in turn serve our customers.  “We share a common spirit of camaraderie and positive mental attitude (PMA) to work together for the good of our customers.” 
















Mary Baez


Mary Baez joined the Global Risk Management team in February 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. As she was sent to work remotely, she began to worry about missed opportunities, such as company involvement and meeting employees outside of her team. Thankfully, Chubb was able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the pandemic. She notes, “I never lost sight of those opportunities to indulge in the company’s culture, whether it be virtual coffee chats with fellow employees across the nation or participating in Chubb Start seminars which support the continuous development of early career women.” 

Although I may not remember where my office desk is, I have had countless opportunities to grow, personally and professionally, in the virtual world.

Despite working virtually, Mary has grown considerably in a year. She is taking on higher-level responsibilities and preparing for future advancement, and she looks forward to building a long -lasting career at Chubb.  


Patricia Aguirre


Patricia carried Combined Insurance products as an independent broker in California. After selling her business and moving to Chicago, she looked into corporate opportunities at Combined, having been so impressed with the products. “In California, we specifically chose to carry Combined products because our clients loved them. I was thrilled to be offered a position at corporate when I moved home to Chicago, and to align myself with a company that offers excellent products, continuing education benefits, internship and e-Learning opportunities.”
















Peter Kang


What started as a part-time job for Peter has grown into an over fifteen-year career with Combined Insurance. He’s was promoted to a full-time role in the Underwriting department after graduating, and now leads his own team of ten amazing Underwriters. Knowing that his team truly makes a difference to the customers is what continues to bring Peter joy at work. 

Peter shares: “Combined is where I was able to start my career in insurance, where I met my wife, and where I can work every day and make a difference for our customers.”


Torrino Harvey


Torrino on what he loves about working in this industry.




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