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Q & A With One of our Up-and-Coming Sales Agents, Tara

We had the pleasure of talking with Tara, one of our successful sales agents on the west coast. She’s having a wonderful experience working at Combined Insurance, finding joy in helping her clients get the supplemental insurance protection they need while providing for her growing family. Tara feels this opportunity can be a great one for anyone who wants to enjoy independence as well as tremendous support in their career. Below are a few questions we asked Tara along with her answers. If you’d like to learn more about sales careers at Combined Insurance, visit our Careers pages today.

Nick: How did you find about our company?

Tara: I wasn’t actively looking for a new position, but I still had my resume up on a job board and a recruiter reached out to me to discuss the agent position in California. I was working as an agent at another insurance company, and I wasn’t sure where my career was heading. IT WAS PERFECT TIMING! I needed a change. After speaking with the recruiter, I felt no pressure and really loved the value that Combined offered. At the time, I was a 1099 employee and had barely any training—but Combined definitely offered the structure that I needed. 

Nick: What did you do before working in insurance?

Tara: I worked at a credit union. I really enjoyed the relationships I built with customers, but I knew after a while that I was worth more than what I was being compensated. 

Nick: What is your favorite part of working at Combined?

Tara: I love my clients. Every day is truly a different experience and I get to meet some pretty cool people. The best part of this job is being able to see their appreciation for helping them. 

Nick: Tell us about your favorite customer experience.

Tara: My all-time favorite experience was after selling some policies at a local fire station. I was able to see firsthand what these firemen and women do for a living and their passion for their work. I get to help protect them by offering our benefits. I walked away extremely grateful for that opportunity. 

Nick: Would you recommend Combined Insurance to other Millennials?

Tara: Absolutely!  Working at Combined is a smart decision. There is so much opportunity and management guides you on your career path. Anyone taking an opportunity at Combined would be happy about their choice. Combined offers a career, not just a job. 

Nick: What advice do you have for someone starting a career at Combined?

Tara: DO NOT GIVE UP! One of my sayings is, “When you quit you never know if something good was right around the corner.” I have a fear of missing out and I never give up on anything. When you are feeling let down, that’s when you will have a breakthrough. Do not be afraid of the change and take a leap of faith. The hard days will be worth it someday. 

Nick: What are your goals at Combined?

Tara: I would love to be in management, where I could teach and train other people about Combined and how to sell their products. 

Nick: How has Combined change your life?

Tara: The last year has tremendously changed my life. Starting in the insurance industry was extremely difficult at first, but being a single mom drives me to do my best every day. The opportunity at Combined could not have come at a better time. I recently got engaged and am planning my wedding in the next few months. I want to be able to expand my family and provide for them. My gift to my fiancée this year was winning the Grand Diamond Jubilee. My next goal is to win the year-end trip for 2017. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity—I just can’t say it enough!