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Q & A With One of our Talented Millennial Sales Agents, Jean-Carlo

We caught up with one of our young agents on the east coast, Jean-Carlo, to find out what drives him to be so successful at Combined Insurance. Jean-Carlo feels this opportunity can be a great one for people who are looking for an opportunity to make money while providing helpful products to people. Below are a few questions we asked along with his answers. If you’d like the opportunity to learn more about sales careers at Combined Insurance visit our Careers pages today.

Nick: How did you find out about our company?

Jean-Carlo: After relocating to Staten Island; I received an email from a recruiter who set me up with a face to face interview with Nick Catalano at a local coffee shop. From the beginning of our meeting, the opportunity felt right, and I decided I wanted to work for him. Nick took the time to go over the products and I was impressed. He also explained how our target market tailored to hardworking individuals and that we would get the opportunity to protect them with our products. I was all in right from the get-go. 

Nick: What is your favorite part about working here?

Jean-Carlo:  I get well compensated with uncapped income for all the hard work I put in. I really enjoy helping people, and I am a really passionate person. It’s what drives me. 

Nick: Tell us about your most memorable customer experience.

Jean-Carlo: Every appointment I go to makes me feel good. One time, I was dealing with a first time customer who kept reiterating how much he could lose; I sold him a policy. Unfortunately, he later got into an accident that put him out of work for almost two whole months! The money he received from our policies helped his family stay afloat during this time. 

Nick: Would you recommend Combined Insurance as a good career opportunity to Millennials?

Jean-Carlo: Of Course! I got into sales at 17. Combined offers you support from your line one manager all the way to the top. No other company can compare to how much support is out there. Positive Mental Attitude  (PMA) is very important to me. The Success System that Never Fails, works every time. Why would you not want to work here! 

Nick: What advice would you give to newer agents starting at Combined?

Jean-Carlo: Pay attention! Always keep the PMA Philosophy.  It can be the difference between closing a sale and not closing a sale. Combined’s foundation is PMA! It is the end all be all for me. Sales is a hard profession.  If you don’t have a positive attitude you won't be successful. Hard work will always lead you to making money, but with PMA you can truly become successful. 

Nick: What are you future plans with Combined?

Jean-Carlo: I want to be influential to other agents and make them successful. 

Nick: Why do you think you are successful here?

Jean-Carlo: Because it’s my passion, 100%! I am passionate for all I do! My conviction is to always help people. Conviction and drive go hand in hand.

Thanks to Jean-Carlo for sharing these thoughts with us!  Please be sure to share this post with anyone in your network who may be a good fit-we are always looking to hire new, talented professionals like Jean-Carlo.