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Personal Health Scare Fuels Insurance Agent’s Appreciation for Supplemental Insurance

When Combined Insurance agent Ryan was only 21 years old, he experienced a health scare that no 21-year-old ever expects: he had to undergo an unplanned open heart surgery. After undergoing the lifesaving procedure, he spent 5 months confined to his bed. And, while he was thankful for many things, he was especially thankful that during that time he didn’t have a family to provide for, because he would not have been receiving a regular paycheck.

A discovered purpose

Soon after his recovery, Ryan began working at a gym while attending school full time to become an occupational therapist. At the gym, he formed a friendship with a manager at Combined Insurance who encouraged him to look into sales opportunities at the company. “Right from the beginning the manager’s positive attitude was contagious,” Ryan explains. “I was hooked from the moment we spoke and wanted to hear more about how the products he was selling could help people in times of need. A few days later we met at breakfast to talk more about the opportunity.”

After graduating from sales school, held at the company headquarters in Chicago, Ryan decided to put school on hold so he could focus on developing his new career. He had a story to tell about his personal experience with an illness, and he felt compelled to help his customers if the unexpected should happen to them. “I shared my story with each of my customers. I reminded them that if it (open heart surgery) could happen to me, an unexpected medical emergency could happen to them. Our policies are so important because they can help individuals and families prepare for the unexpected.”

And for Ryan, it really is all about his customers: “I have seen customers get the cash benefits they needed after something unexpected happened. They got the help they needed and the family could continue to function. The stress of bills was gone and they were able to fully recover knowing their family was covered. It is not a matter of if something is going to happen; it is when it will happen. I feel like I haven’t worked since I started here, I feel like I have made new friends and family.”

A great match

While Ryan didn’t have a background in insurance or in sales, he credits the training department with helping him achieve success: “The system works! W. Clement Stone (founder of Combined Insurance) created a system that not only grows agents professionally but also personally. I have read all of his books, and the training department at Combined gave me the tools I needed to succeed. Combined has not only provided me with an income I could never have imagined coming out of college, but it has also afforded the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

We are hiring

We are always looking for agents like Ryan who have what it takes to succeed. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, check out our job openings today!