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Millennials as Sales Agents: Embracing their Entrepreneurial Spirit

One theme that stands out prominently is that as a group, millennials are entrepreneurial.  In fact, a study done by Bentley University found that only 13% of millennials aspire to climb the corporate ladder while 67% said their goal was to start their own business.

We asked several of our successful millennial sales agents what they love about their jobs, and we  saw another theme: They love their careers as agents because they see them as entrepreneurial.

One commented, “I believe this is a great job for Millennials! I wish I had found it sooner.  Millennials value work/life balance, and this career allows you to make your own hours.  No one micromanages you in this job.  Basically, you are building your own company, and it’s up to you whether you succeed or fail.”

How is being an agent at Combined like being an entrepreneur? While Combined Insurance agents are W2 employees, they are ultimately responsible for building their own businesses.  And, as the agent above mentioned, their success –or failure-- is ultimately up to them.

Having a well -organized strategy and managing it successfully is crucial for success as an agent at Combined.

Let’s drill down and take a look at some of the reasons our successful millennial agents love working at Combined and view it as an entrepreneurial opportunity:

  1. Flexible schedules.  Combined agents must build their appointment and work calendars around what works best for them and for their clients, so 9 to 5 workdays may not always be realistic. Some parents have found that this also allows them to maximize time with their children.
  2. Unlimited income potential.  Our agents love that the harder they work, the more they can increase their income.  They have a virtually unlimited income potential based on the volume of their sales, and this drives them to succeed knowing their hard work is paying off.
  3. Being able to build their team.  Many of our successful agents become managers and are responsible for hiring the right people to build their teams. One of our managers who started her first job out of college with Combined four years ago shared that she loves being able to hire people for her team who share similar work ethics, values and goals.
  4. The ability to help others. One of our new managers shared that he loves that he feels his job is making a real difference in people’s lives. The policies he and his team sells are helping people during their most difficult times and the career opportunities he is extending to the people he hires can change their lives for the better.
  5. Authenticity wins. Agents –and entrepreneurs-- are generally more successful when their clients see them as authentic.  Authenticity brings trust, and trust brings business.
  6. Higher education is not necessary.  Anyone who works hard and takes advantage of the tools they are given can succeed as an agent at Combined Insurance.  One of our new agents felt she was ready to work after she completed her Associates Degree, and while she thinks she may one day get her Bachelor’s Degree, she is so successful  now as an agent she doesn’t feel it’s necessary.

Another thing we learned from talking to our successful agents?  Millennials are more like other generations than they are different.  All our successful agents love their careers here because they have entrepreneurial spirits. Think this sounds like a good fit for you? Check out our open territories today.


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