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Insurance Sales: The Ideal Midlife Career Change

About the author:  Patty loves a challenge and never knew how much she needed a new one until she took a position with Combined Insurance. She was a horse trainer for 15 years, and when her champion stallion passed away, she found herself without a goal for the first time in a long time. When she connected with a Combined Insurance market director with whom she’d worked with in a previous career, she was so excited about the possibilities.  See her video opens in a new window

Have you been in the working world for 20, 30 or even 40 years but feel stale, stuck or uninspired? It just might be high time to consider a career change. If you’ve been successful in the past, it’s very possible you have invaluable skills and experiences that can easily translate into success as an insurance sales agent.  

Keep reading to find out why.

You’ve already got what it takes

You may fear that rerouting your tried and true (yet presently unfulfilling) career path means you have to start at the bottom. Not true! At least, not in an insurance sales career. You’ve already put years of service into your professional life. You’ve been building a resume that’s filled with a unique combination of capabilities. You have a seasoned perspective on life. You can put all of this to work serving your community in a new way, all while earning a potentially cap-less income, depending on what company you end up with.

All of your experience is transferable—and so much of it is highly relevant to insurance sales:

  • You have experience as an insurance consumer
  • You have a lifetime of “people skills”
  • You appreciate the value of hard work

If you enjoy helping people, if you understand the worth of insurance protection and if you’d love the freedom and flexibility of working both independently and as part of a team, why not lay down a new foundation in a stable industry and start making your mark? 

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Getting started is easy

An insurance sales career has a relatively low barrier to entry. Most states require a high school diploma—so you don’t need to earn another degree. You will need to study for (and pass) a state licensing exam, however, and that may require some classroom hours. You may also go through training with your employer so you can learn about the policies you’ll be selling, sales techniques you can use to assist customers and any state laws you’ll need to follow. 

And when it comes to customers, you have a ready-to-go network. The people in your life make up a pool of potential customers who know you and trust you—and who may need the insurance products and services you offer. Consider your family, friends and former and current colleagues as a network of individuals and even businesses who can support you as you start writing policies and then go on to establish an area of expertise. 

After all is said and done, you can be out in the field selling in a matter of weeks!

Ready to reach your potential?

Depending on what company you work for, you’ll receive ongoing motivation, direction and guidance from your sales managers and team members. You might have opportunities to mentor other agents and even rise through the company ranks. And with your experience, the sky is the limit!

Learn about becoming a Sales Agent at Combined Insurance.