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Chico Dennis Credits PMA and Hard Work for 63 Years of Success at Combined Insurance

Chico Dennis is a legend at Combined Insurance, having worked for the company since he started selling insurance here on February 20, 1957.  Today he presented "The Power of PMA" to our employees, sharing how he uses Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) to overcome diversities and find success.

Chico became close to Combined Insurance’s founder, W. Clement Stone, and he always has an encouraging comment or a word of wisdom to share. He is widely loved and respected at Combined Insurance!

From cake baker to successful insurance salesman

After emigrating from Cuba, Chico did not have the funds to go to college, so he started working in a bakery on the east coast. He baked cakes for several years, but he decided he wanted more out of his career.  He thought sales may be just what he was looking for.  His wife found a Combined Insurance recruiting sales ad, and Chico didn’t hesitate to seek the opportunity. He got the job, and while he still loves baking cakes, he has never looked back.

Chico realized what a great opportunity he was being given to sell supplemental insurance at Combined. To ensure success, he learned as much as he could about the industry and about selling. One of the first books he read was W. Clement Stone’s Success Through a Positive Mental Attitudelink opens in a new window, co-authored by Napoleon Hill.  One of Chico’s biggest claims to fame is that he hired the famous author and motivational speaker, Augustine “Og” Mandino II to sell insurance at Combined.  Og went on to write The Greatest Salesman in the World, a favorite among many sales professionals.

Secret to success

Chico made the deliberate decision then and there to embrace what he learned in Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, and he says, “It was one of the most important books I had ever read.  I applied the principles to my professional and personal life. I believe positive mental attitude (PMA) applied to business and personal situations works, and the successes in my life show I’m right!”

The secret to Chico’s success really is no secret at all, and while it’s pretty straight forward, it’s not always easy to follow: Having a positive attitude. One of Chico’s favorite quotes by W. Clement Stone is, “Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those with PMA.”

Chico credits his success with hard work and never giving up and always having PMA.

He also wants people to know that he had to overcome big obstacles in his life, including the loss of one of his sons tragically and supporting another of his sons who is ill.  For him, success in his career and in his personal life are linked, and his positive attitude is what helps him in both.

“Be the master of your fate,” he advises, “Begin your success journey by putting one foot in front of the other.  PMA requires cultivation of habits and thoughts.”

A chance for a better future

Being an insurance sales agent at Combined Insurance presents a unique opportunity for people in the workforce who are striving to improve their earning potential and who want a satisfying career.

 Agents at Combined Insurance have a virtually unlimited income potential based on the volume of their sales, but it takes a lot of hard work, a positive attitude, patience, and a love for building opportunities. When asked if this was a good fit for bilingual agents, Chico commented, “As a Latino, I have found this to be a great fit for me, and I believe it could be a great fit for other Latinos in my community. We love the opportunity to connect with and help other Latinos in our communities. Combined makes it easy by offering materials and training in both Spanish and English. Combined is an opportunity for those seeking a better future.”

Customers can choose to communicate with the company through the phone, internet, or through the mail in English or Spanish.  Some business forms are also available in Spanish, and the website goes from English to Spanish with the toggle of a button.

Final thoughts

Chico has a few final thoughts for people who are looking for a brighter future and who are willing to work hard: “For those who are looking for a future look no further than Combined Insurance. This is a company that will back you up 100%. They care for you as a person, and they have the PMA philosophy/culture-that is very unique among companies.”

We thank Chico for taking time to share his inspirational messages with all of us, and look forward to his future contributions!