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Baby Boomers and Millennial Sales Agents at Combined Insurance-More Alike than Different

There’s a lot of talk these days about generational differences between Baby Boomers and Millennials in the workplace-and in general. As talent acquisition professionals, we know it’s important to understand generational differences in our candidates, so we interviewed two of our exceptional employees, a Millennial and a Baby Boomer, to see how different (or similar) these two generations really are.   

Thanks to our Baby Boomer Tony, SVP of Sales in our Eastern Zone, and our Millennial, Nick, Sales Coordinator in North Carolina, for sharing these insights.

Monica: Why did you decide to pursue a career in sales?

Tony: My father was in the insurance business. He originally told me about the opportunity here at Combined. He explained to me that I could earn a sizeable income at the company with our without a college degree.  Currently, three generations of my family have worked at Combined Insurance, and a fourth is coming!

Nick:  After graduating college, my goal was to start earning a great living quickly.  My father has been in sales his whole adult career, and he was the one who suggested insurance sales at Combined Insurance.  He was quick to recommend a career at Combined Insurance because he had hired some former Combined sales employees in the past, and they were some of his most successful sales people ever.   I ended up loving my sales career at Combined Insurance and I plan to stay for a long time.

Monica: What do you like most about being in sales at Combined Insurance?

Tony: What I love most is the culture. Founder W. Clement Stone’s philosophy of having a positive mental attitude (PMA) creates an amazing work environment.  I also love the flexibility in the role and the large income potential. The sky is the limit in what you can make here at Combined. 

Nick:  For about six months, I worked in the construction industry and it was taking a toll on me. I was an hourly employee, and I didn’t feel appreciated. The sales environment here at Combined teaches you to be resilient. There were many times I wanted to quit early on, but due to the great management structure I was able to turn my sales around.  Eventually, the no’s turned into yes’s.

Monica: Social Media- Are you actively using it? If so, are you using it for professional and personal use?

Tony: I currently have a Facebook and LinkedIn account, but I do not use Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platforms. I predominantly use Facebook and LinkedIn for business use; but I may occasionally post some personal news to my friends and followers.

Nick: For me social media is not a priority. I know I am at an age in which I am supposed to be actively connected, but I rarely use it for personal use. From a business standpoint, I believe it has a lot of potential to showcase our brand here at Combined and I try to share and take advantage of the content created for us through Amplify.

Monica: Who is your role model?

Tony: My father, hands down, has been my role-model my whole life.

Nick: My father and my father’s business partner.  They were both venture capitalists and successful in the business world. I also look up to my executive team, and I try to mimic what they do to be successful.

Monica: What advice do you have for Millennials starting at Combined Insurance?

Tony: Work hard because nothing comes easy. Everyone has different goals, so make sure you set them and dream big. Setting a goal and achieving it can be the most rewarding feeling. My father raised me to be a hard worker. Millennials are lucky to have technological advancements. Technology and the way things are done today are different than when I was their age, so they should be sure to take advantage of it.

Nick:  Graduating from college is an exciting but scary time. Reality sets in, and sometimes you’re not sure how to use your degree. Combined offers a great opportunity for entry-level job seekers.  They offer great training and then continued support from management. The income opportunity is outstanding. Agents have the opportunity to make a virtually unlimited income based on their volume of sales, and for people who work hard, making a great living can happen faster than you think.


Despite their age differences, Nick and Tony have a lot in common. They both:

  • Value hard work
  • Create their own success
  • Started in outside sales
  • Started working here at the recommendation of their father
  • Cite their father as a top role mode

Tony is a very well-accomplished SVP at Combined Insurance.  If the similarities don’t end at this article, Nick has a bright future ahead of him.  We wish them all the best and thank them for sharing their views. Who knows, maybe by next year we’ll even have an iGenlink opens in a new window to interview!

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