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Advice from Young, Talented Agent: Be Unstoppable

Millennial insurance agent Sarah Marker would make our founder, W. Clement Stone, proud. She is a prime example of someone who has taken his success principleslink opens in a new window to heart and has used them to succeed at Combined Insurance.

My job as a recruiter is to identify people who I think will be successful at Combined, so I asked Sarah what drove her to success.

Overcome fear

She explains that being an insurance sales agent requires people to step out of their comfort zones and to confront their fears of rejection, meeting new people, being asked difficult questions and other difficulties associated with sales. “There is nothing to be afraid of,” she observes, “The worst criticism you’re going to get is in your head. Challenge your personal barriers. This career is so rewarding and you are unstoppable as long as you push yourself and go beyond your own comfort level. In the end, you become more confident and driven, and you learn to overcome fear.”

Company support

Sarah also cites the support that Combined offers its agents as key to her success:  “Not only does Combined push you to greatness, the company also has great structure, support and products. I believe in the products. I see time and time again how they help our policyholders. Consulting with a policyholder to help them understand the importance of supplemental insurance and the protection it offers during the unexpected is extremely rewarding.”

She continues, “Combined offers a supportive and positive family-like environment, which makes you feel like you could accomplish anything.”


“Here you have the opportunity to make as much as you want as long as you’re driven,” she explains.  “I couldn’t suggest a better career in which you can earn residual income, bonuses and incentives. Combined offers you the flexibility so you can succeed without being stuck behind a desk and micromanaged for the next forty years. Every day is a new experience.” Sarah credits the unlimited income potential, incentives and awards for making it possible to help support her family.

A great choice for millennials

I asked Sarah if she would recommend this career to one of her peers. “I would definitely recommend a sales career at Combined, especially for millennials! I see so many people going to school to earn a degree and then acquiring the debt that comes with it. Often they do not find a career that supports them and allows them to pay off their debts.”

Combined Insurance agents are not required to have a college degree, but they are required to be licensed.

Sarah went on to explain how the flexibility of this career made it especially appealing for her as a millennial: “I am able to schedule my day to accommodate both my family’s needs as well as my customers’ schedules. Often I find that instead of finding the elusive “balance”, I end up finding the perfect “blend” of home life and work.”

Future plans

Sarah plans to continue to be successful enough to support herself and her extended family as a sales agent, but she also dreams of one day becoming a trainer at the corporate office.

Thanks to Sarah for sharing these insights for me and for our corporate blog. We all look forward to her bright future here at Combined! If you think this career sounds right for you, check out our job openings today!