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In your quest to attract top talent, supplemental insurance may be an important and competitive factor. 

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Insurance is an essential benefit.

You want the best people. And you need to be able to afford them. What do you do?

Part of the solution is your benefits package – studies like the Tower's Watson Global Benefit Attitudes survey show that employees place a great deal of weight on the quality and perceived value of benefits

Attract and retain the best talent, offer competitive voluntary benefits.

With supplemental insurance, you can give your employees what they’re looking for... without adding to your administrative or financial overhead.

Every company’s goal should be to have happy, healthy employees – and Combined Insurance helps you achieve both.

  • Employees place high value on their benefits.
  • We help offer extra benefits, without extra costs
  • We help your employees understand the total value of the compensation that they receive.


Combined Insurance can offer your employees peace of mind with supplemental insurance policies that are available with no additional cost to you.


Our Combined Insurance Sales Representatives are ready to work with you to add value to your company’s benefits plan – without additional cost or administration overhead for your organization.



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