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Work for a company with more than $5 billion worth of life insurance policies in force in North America - a company with nearly 100-year history of providing people and their families the supplemental insurance products they want to feel secure.

Working hard is good. But working smart is infinitely more rewarding. And that’s why at Combined Insurance we provide the right environment to foster and encourage our employees to look for efficiency and ways of challenging the status quo.

Find your career at Combined Insurance.


Underwriting, Claims, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Sales Administration professionals are the glue that makes the whole company work.


At Combined Insurance we speak a lot about our client service and the dedicated professionals who serve those clients. But we would be remiss if we were to neglect the folks in our corporate offices that provide vital services to both our sales representatives and our clients.


"Combined Insurance gives ordinary individuals the opportunity to be extraordinary."

Guy Sauvé,
Senior VP, Managing Director of Canada

Every company has a core. Ours is called “corporate.”

A Combined Insurance corporate career is like a seat at Centre ice, a few rows up: You can see everything perfectly.

  • You understand more completely what the company does and why it does it.
  • Not only do you learn about your area, you can’t help but come into contact with other disciplines as well – so you develop a range of valuable skills.
  • There’s plenty of room for advancement as well as lateral movement – you’ll never feel stuck.

“Aim for the moon. If you miss you may hit a star. ”



Find Your Career at Combined Insurance