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Millions of Canadians are insured today – and that’s great!

The bad news is that in the event of a health crisis or severe income disruption, the insurance they have may not provide the coverage they need. People have trouble meeting their premiums, copays and deductibles – and families can suffer.

As a licensed insurance sales representative, you are uniquely positioned to help your customers fill insurance gaps and reduce risks. With your help, they can better understand how they can protect their families and their lifestyle.

Combined Insurance is in business to help you help these families. We partner with you to deliver proven products, customer service and marketing support to tell your story, help get your customers what they need and make sure they are completely satisfied.

Growing your business

Find out how Combined Insurance provides you the support and know-how to help you succeed in your business.

Supporting your customers

In the end, it’s all about your customer relationships and their long-term satisfaction.

About Combined Insurance

For nearly a century we’ve been helping families get the coverage they need.

Become a Combined Insurance Sales Representative

Like what you’re hearing? Want to know more? Find out why being a Combined Insurance sales representative might be the right career choice for you.

Add Combined Insurance to your portfolio

Offer your clients better coverage – and more valuable service – by adding Combined Insurance supplemental products to your portfolio. Combined Insurance offers an array of policies designed to help families faced with unexpected accidents or sickness.