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Insurance is something your customers rely on. So be sure they get it from a reliable company.

Your job isn’t simply to sell insurance. It’s to help your customers make sure they have the coverage they need. You want them not to worry – that, really, is the whole point.

So as you are thinking about what products to offer, be sure to think about what kind of attributes you look for in a business partner.

Combined Insurance has been serving customers since 1922. We have over 3 million supplemental insurance policies in force in North America and pay out over $300 million dollars in claims every year.

Combined Insurance pays nearly 200,000 claims a year. 

Maybe it's no wonder Combined Insurance is rated A+ (Superior)* by A. M. Best Company, one of the world’s top insurance rating firms.
*A. M. Best, the most widely recognized provider of insurance industry ratings.

So if your company is thinking about offering supplemental insurance, good for you. And if you’re considering what to look for in the company you partner with – well, that’s even better.

Combined Insurance has more than $5 billion worth of life insurance policies in force in North America.

Add Combined Insurance to your portfolio

Offer your clients better coverage – and more valuable service – by adding Combined Insurance supplemental products to your portfolio. Combined Insurance offers an array of policies designed to help families faced with unexpected accidents or sickness.