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Reinforce Your Workforce

Job openings hit a record high¹ in 2021, but many businesses are struggling to find the talent they need.²

And they're worried about losing their top workers, too.

Facing Up to the Challenge

To keep your business’s productivity and growth on track (and get a leg up on the competition), your employee benefits package could play an important part.

We want to help you get a comprehensive view of well-rounded benefits, thinking about the unique needs of your employees, to help you stand out in the eyes of top talent.

Looking After

Your Employees

Dive into the key facts to see what you need to be mindful of as a business leader right now. 


Dig Into
The Details

Read our eBook to find out how to reinforce your workforce — with the right support and voluntary benefits that suit their needs.


Mat Matarrese

SVP, National Sales Manager
Combined Insurance

Sharon DeLay


Neil Browder

VP, Sales
Mark III Employee Benefits

Voluntary Benefits in Action

Taco Tuesdays is a fast casual chain in Texas. As the recovery kicks in, it’s struggling to find staff — see how it deals with the issue.*

Boutique lip gloss manufacturer, Bee’s Knees, has weathered the storm. But it’s been hard. Now, its owner needs to boost morale and performance.*

The Big Picture, At A Glance

Download our infographic to see key insights that could help guide your business's benefits approach today.

Trends to Watch in 2021

The 2021 Labor Market

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The Need for Reassurance

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Household Finances Under Pressure

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Why Benefits Matter Now

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

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Keeping Staff on Your Side

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Combining Forces

Explore our employer hub to find more essential resources to help your business thrive through 2021 — and beyond.

Why Combined Insurance

We’ve supported businesses and the communities they work in for over a century. See why we’re trusted by over a million policyholders.

Contact Your Local Agent

Find an agent near you to help create a bundle of benefits that’s right for your employees and your business. Get in touch today.

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*This hypothetical case study is used to illustrate how supplemental benefits products can help employers. Any resemblance to any company or person is purely coincidental.

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