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do happen


SC Youth Soccer and Combined Insurance have joined forces to arrange an affordable, easy way to
help your family offset healthcare costs when those accidents occur.



For one adult and your players, whether you have one or five players, the cost of this policy is the same.


For a monthly premium of only $34.56 you can cover you and your SC Youth Soccer  players and any other children you have 24/7 in those unforeseen accidents, not only on the soccer field.

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Please follow the link below and remember to include all of your children as dependents.

This does not add to the costs of your policy.



  • From 1990 to 2014 soccer injuries for children ages 7-17 rose 111%.
  • Players 12-17 accounted for 73% of the injuries.
  • Female players are more likely to suffer a knee injury then male players.

Source: health