Celebrating Insurance Careers Month at Combined Insurance

We are pleased to participate in the 4th annual Insurance Careers Awareness Month, an awareness event to support the Insurance Careers Movement.link opens in a new window We believe what we do here at Combined Insurance is a force for good for our customers, and that careers in the insurance industry can be extremely meaningful for people who are looking for more than just a paycheck.

The core mission of each and every one of our employees, whether they are behind the scenes at the corporate office, or out in the field face to face with our customers, is to serve our customers and their families by offering them peace of mind and protection when they need it most.  Look for our posts on social media, highlighting what our employees love about working in this industry. 

Whether you’re new to the job market or considering a mid-life career change, we hope you’ll take a look at what the insurance industry has to offer.

Insurance industry careers trends

  • 63% of insurers plan to increase their staff size in the next 12 months1.  Combined Insurance is expanding our sales force nationwide, and we have exciting opportunities behind the scenes too.
  • The talent-climate is changing, with more and more professionals working part-time, remotely, or as short term contractors, and companies are responding by putting plans in place to accommodate a less traditional-looking workforce.2
  • Technology and digital is changing the face of the insurance workforce as data, automation and machine learning merge with business objectives. While this may displace some traditional jobs, new jobs are springing up to support the digital revolution. In fact, technology jobs rank 5th on the list of in-demand insurance jobs, according to the Insurance Information Institute.3
  • Entry-level insurance jobs offer a higher–than-average starting salary for college grads, starting at $50,5524, and social media is playing a HUGE role in helping connect job seekers to opportunities.  79% of job seekers used social media for their search, and 73% of millennials reported finding their jobs through a social media platform.5
  • Diversity and inclusion are taking center stage in the insurance industry. Combined Insurance was named a Top Diversity Employer by Hispanic Network Magazine in 2018, and in that same year, 34% of all new staff hires were bilingual in Spanish and English. In 2018, our parent company, Chubb, was a gold sponsor of Dive Inlink opens in a new window, a festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance.
  • The insurance industry is committed to giving back to communities. The Insurance Charitable Foundation has donated over $31 million in community grants since its inception, along with thousands of volunteer hours to hundreds of charities and non-profits.6 Take a look at all the ways Combined Insurance gave back in 2018.
  • The insurance industry is essential for economic growth, providing businesses with capital for growth through their holdings in stocks and bonds, and in 2017, insurance paid roughly $1.5 trillion to help claimants and beneficiaries rebuild their lives, property and get medical care.7

The future is bright for the insurance industry, and it’s an industry we can all feel great about being a part of.  For more blogs about careers in the industry, visit the careers section of Supplementally Speaking.

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