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Mr. Stone's Passion for Training Carried out Today

While running his company, W. Clement Stone believed superb training to be the cornerstone of any successful company. He felt so strongly about the importance of quality training, he actively participated in training his sales agents, even accompanying them on their sales calls.Today we embrace his philosophy, infusing his time-tested strategies into today’s agent training program.

Essentials for success

Mr. Stone believed in teaching agents “a lot about a little versus a little about a lot” to help them become highly trained and highly focused. He also valued repetition as the foundation of successful learning.

According to Mr. Stone, an essential ingredient for success was in always maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA), a value trainers pass on to their trainees to this day.

Our training classes are made up of an average of 12 people. Students spend their time learning about the products, the sales process and technology. The majority of their training hours are spent role playing.

These philosophies and training techniques have proven to be highly successfully in preparing agents for today’s market. Combined Insurance agents become well-versed in their products by the end of the week, ready to deliver excellent service to their potential clients. A focus on goal planning and maintaining a PMA while facing obstacles is key to their early success.

“We focus on helping students identify their strongest driving goal. What makes them get up every morning ready to do the very best they can that day?” Director or Training, Kari Wendorf says. “Once they’ve identified their “inspiration action”, as we call it, we help them develop the necessary skills to be successful and instruct them on how they can improve every day.”

Glowing feedback

The training team routinely receives positive feedback from agent trainees. Director of Training, Glen Elmore, believes one reason for the glowing reviews is because agent trainees feel the commitment of the training team. Agent trainees are brought in for a week, most expenses paid, and are given the attention and the opportunity they need to learn how to be successful at Combined Insurance.

Additionally, every week, a senior executive talks to the trainees and lets them know how much they are appreciated and respected. They also recognize any Veterans or any Veteran family members in the group.

Agents also love the sense of camaraderie. “The group spends a lot of time together studying and role playing, they support each other,” Elmore explains. “By the end of the week, they are good friends and they are each other’s cheerleaders.”

Once in the field, agents enjoy ongoing training and support. They follow a four-week onboarding process, which includes regular one-on-one time with their managers.

Think you may have what it takes to have a successful career as a sales agent at Combined Insurance?Contact us here today to learn more.