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Hispanic Heritage Month—Being a Latina Millennial at Combined Insurance

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the unique contributions Latinos make to the American culture and to the workplace. I’d also like to bring attention to the dedication Combined Insurance is showing to the Latino community; as a Mexican-American Millennial in the workforce, I am proud to work for a company that is expanding its Latino Initiative to better serve its bilingual customers.

Values and Influences of Latinos

Growing up as a Mexican-American, I always knew that the expectation for me was to succeed: to graduate from  high school, go to college, build a career or own a business, and have a family.

New data from the Hispanic Millennial Project suggests that:

  • 46 percent plan on completing college (vs. 31 percent of non-Hispanic Millennials)
  • 47 percent (of those without children) say having children is a future goal
  • 47 percent perceive owning their own business as a strong indicator of success; 48 percent view it as a future goal
  • In general, Hispanic Millennials are satisfied with their lives, optimistic about the future and have a strong belief in the American Dream.

I believe I’m a great example of a Latino American living and pursuing the American Dream. As a Bilingual Communications Specialist at Combined Insurance, I am responsible for developing thoughtful, engaging and high-impact communications for internal and external audiences. I also lead the community relations program where I serve as a brand amabassador and leader for Combined Insurance volunteers and charitable partnerships.

Being a Latina Millennial at Combined Insurance

My career at Combined Insurance has given me the opportunity to connect with the Hispanic community in Chicago. It has also allowed me to grow professionally. As a Latina Millenial, I want an employer that:

  • encourages an entrepreneurial spirit
  • requires self-discipline
  • holds me accountable
  • offers growth and development
  • embraces diversity
  • rewards success

…and I’ve found all of that and more at Combined Insurance.

Combined Insurance embraces its bilingual employees and customers. It starts from the very beginning: we offer training in Spanish or English. Marketing and sales collateral are available in both languages, and Agents can give their sales presentation in either language. 

Our new website can easily go from English to Spanish with a click and when customers call our service phone line, they can request a Spanish-speaking representative. Combined is truly committed to the Latino community and I am proud to be a part of that.

Looking to the Future

Latino traditions and values can positively influence future generations to come. With more than 55 million Hispanics and Latinos in the United States, it’s important to pause and recognize the contributions of  Latin Americans to the fabric of American life, not only this month but every month. 

And, in doing so, it’s important to recognize companies like Combined Insurance, who have Latino Initiatives and who make a point to hire and care for their Spanish-speaking employees and clients.

Hispanic Heritage Month: let’s celebrate Latino culture and the companies who embrace it!