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Concern for Customers and “Unlimited” Energy Fuel this Agent’s Success

A little over a year ago, award winning Combined Insurance agent, Deborah Quaglietta, was squeezing in only a couple of hours of sleep during the early morning hours between her late night waitressing job and her early morning casino gig. As a single mom responsible for caring for her two teenage daughters, one with a serious heart condition, and her two elderly parents, she was doing everything in her power to make ends meet, even if it meant a terrible night’s sleep.

But it was a grueling schedule, and she knew something had to give soon. A friend suggested she try selling supplemental insurance at Combined Insurance, and she figured, what did she have to lose? 

Winning every possible award

Deborah explains that starting out wasn’t easy. She didn’t have an insurance or financial background, and she found the material for the state licensing exam to be difficult, but her drive to succeed helped her pass the state licensing exam and start training at the home office.

Now, almost a year later on May 2nd , she is approaching her one year anniversary. She has already been named the #1 sales agent in the country twice and has won every sales award possible since she started.

Keys to success

Deborah believes her success is attributable mainly to 2 things:

  1. Her unlimited energy and drive
  2. Her heartfelt concern for her customers

Deborah explains that she has always been blessed with lots of energy and a positive attitude: “I’m on fire all the time. I enjoy life, and I love what I do and that gives me energy”, she explains. “I hop out of bed each day and can’t wait to go to work. Situations that would get most people down (like a tough day of rejection) only give me more willpower to overcome.”

Professionally, Deborah’s number one concern is for the well-being of her customers, and she believes that’s part of the reason for her success. Her customers sense that she only wants the best for them, and they know she is only concerned with helping them choose the right supplemental insurance products for their unique situations.  Most of her business is from referrals-happy customers who recommend that their friends and family members review their coverage gaps with her.

Opportunity to give back

Combined Insurance was happy to recently donate $2500 to the Boston Children’s Hospital, who had given her daughter a second chance of life with a ground breaking surgery 15 years prior, in Deborah’s daughter’s honor.

Deborah explains, “Raising money for heart research is essential to providing people with life-saving procedures. Donating to this cause makes a huge difference. They’re constantly making discoveries that truly extend and improve peoples’ lives. The surgery that saved my daughter 15 years ago didn’t even exist 10 years prior to her surgery. Thanks to research, my daughter got a 2nd chance. I am so thankful to Combined for their generosity.”

And we are thankful to have agents like Deborah working at Combined Insurance. It takes a special person like Deborah to succeed here. If you think you have what it takes, check out our sales agent opportunitiestoday!