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Introducing Our New Instagram Page

For 94 years, Combined Insurance has grown to be a leader in supplemental insurance, but just because we’re old doesn’t mean we’re behind the times!

Our founder, W. Clement Stone stated, “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”  And we are so very thankful for all of our loyal customers and employees.  What better way to share all the great things happening at Combined Insurance than to increase our social media presence by starting our own corporate page on Instagram?

Instagram is all about images

We are excited to begin sharing all sorts of photos that help tell our company story.

And we hope you’ll engage with us on Instagram and all of our social media platforms! Use the #MyCombined hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram or simply tag us when you want us to see a photo you’ve shared.

Anyone can use #MyCombined to share their fun experiences-whether as a volunteer or as a guest-at community- service events like our recent event at No Dough Night or our upcoming JDRF Walk and American Cancer Society’s Walk & Roll.  

If you’re not following us on social media yet, be sure to check us out: