Grateful for a Year of Giving Back: Combined Insurance in the Community

As we look back on 2020, we are proud to share that despite the difficulties presented to us by the pandemic, we were still able to continue to live out our common purpose by giving back to communities where we live and work! Besides the organizations listed below, we had several employees share stories about how they reached out on their own to support their communities during these especially difficult times.  Many volunteered at food banks, supported local fundraising events and supplied meals to weary healthcare workers. We like to think that our founder, W. Clement Stone, would be proud.  We honored his philanthropic legacy and engaged in charitable endeavors by giving back to several Chicago-based and national charitable organizations as a corporation and countless others as individuals.

W. Clement Stone’s legacy

Our founder, W. Clement Stone, was dedicated to making the world a better place.  He donated more than $275 million to civic groups, mental health, and other charitable organizations during his lifetime and was once quoted as saying, “All I want is to change the world.”

He established The W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone foundation in 1958, a foundation that continues to support philanthropic causes throughout the Chicago area and beyond.1 And, while our company is not associated with the foundation, we are proud to carry on our founder’s legacy by making involvement in our communities a focus of our corporate culture.

Combined in the community

Our employees have given back to the community in numerous ways over the past year, both in funding and in volunteer time.

Most recently, Combined partnered with the VFW of Richton Park, IL and Boys and Girls Club of America in Chicago and Miami and donated a total of 205 iPads between the 3 organizations to benefit children who do not have devices or internet services to keep up with their studies during remote learning. These offices have been committed to lending their facilities, Wi-Fi and devices so that each child can complete their work. 

 As a company, we also partnered with these organizations including:

We are grateful for the opportunity we have to carry on our founder’s legacy, and we have found that it really does add an important component to our corporate culture and identity.  It’s always fun to take an hour or two out of the work day to come together and work on something that makes a real difference in someone else’s life.

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