11/21/2018 PMA: A Blessing We Can All be Grateful For

Kenneth McIntyre, SVP of North American Operations at Combined Insurance

PMA: A Blessing We Can All be Grateful For

W. Clement Stone developed 17 Success Principles on which he built Combined Insurance nearly 100 years ago. The first, and most famous principle is to always maintain a positive mental attitude, or PMA. Over the years, we have instilled Mr. Stone’s values while growing our company into a leading provider of supplemental insurance. And, while his 17 Success Principles still adorn our halls, we have a more modern version called our Common Purpose and Shared Traits. And as Mr. Stone says, “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” During this season of Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to be a part of a corporate culture that shares these traits and incorporates them into our collective, daily attitudes.

Shared traits

These shared traits all help serve our common purpose, helping us all come together and work cohesively to make sure our customers get comfort and peace of mind when they need it most. At the same time, these traits help us make Combined Insurance a great place to work. What are they? They state that we always strive to:

  1. Be driven by service
  2. Act with professionalism
  3. Hold ourselves and each other accountable
  4. Embrace PMA

A PMA culture

These four traits are the foundation for how we want to service our customers, and they make Combined Insurance a great place to build a career.  But I’m especially thankful for one in particular: PMA. To some, it may seem old-fashioned or naïve, but at Combined Insurance, we’ve seen how embracing PMA can change people’s lives for the better as they embrace it and excel in their careers.

There are plenty of challenges in the insurance industry.  Our employees, from our claims reps to our sales agents to our Sr. Executives, face major obstacles every day. Those who approach problems or opportunities with the correct attitude, and who are focused, hard-working, and persistent, are the ones who have the best chance to succeed.  Listen to what a few anonymous reviewers are saying about our PMA culture on Glassdoor:

“Everyone has a great Positive Mental Attitude to keep you motivated and inspired to work hard.”

“The Positive Mental Attitude pillar is upheld by every person I work with and meet almost every day. I think that attitude is fostered by the supportive, creative and innovative environment where we are all encouraged to learn every day.”

 “I liked the idea of maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude. It's about maintaining a positive mindset so that you are prepared to have a successful day.”

“A Positive Mental Attitude philosophy will help all in every endeavor.”

“Combined truly believes in their training. They are a company full of a Positive Mental Attitude and they highly encourage enthusiasm.”

These are just a few reviewers, and there are many more like this. What a great testament to how powerful PMA can be!

As I reflect on all that I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving, I remember our company history and W. Clement Stone, and I’m thankful that in a world which can sometimes be negative or cynical, we have done all that we can to preserve and incorporate his ideals into our modern corporate culture. If this is the type of company you’d like to work with, I encourage you to check out our openings today.

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