11/08/2017 Military Veteran Finds Satisfaction in Helping His Clients Find the Right Combined Supplemental Insurance Policies

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Military Veteran Finds Satisfaction in Helping His Clients Find the Right Combined Supplemental Insurance Policies

Whether serving his country or helping people choose the right supplemental insurance policies to suit their needs, the most satisfying part of Fred Stewart’s career has always been to help people live better, more secure lives. Fred, a military Veteran, is currently a Territory Manager for Combined Insurance in Belleville, IL, near St. Louis.

Military background

Fred grew up an Air Force brat.  His father served 25 years in the Air Force, 10 of them overseas. After high school, he entered the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA in administration working for the Force Service Support Group (FSSG) unit for four years. He especially valued the opportunity because it allowed him a chance to be of service: “People would thank me for serving our country,“ he notes, “but I would in turn thank them for allowing me the honor to serve.” When it was time to transition to a civilian career, Fred sought a career that would continue to allow him to serve and help people.

Fred joined the Combined Insurance team as an agent in central Illinois in 2007. He chose Combined Insurance because of its quality supplemental insurance products that can help people in the event of accidents or sickness. In 2008 he was promoted to sales manager and soon after he became a Territory Manager. Fred is a four-time Grand Diamond achiever, and he has promoted numerous sales people throughout his career.

To help and serve: keys to success

Fred’s success at Combined Insurance is not about him - it’s about the people he has helped. He explains, “People work their whole lives to save and achieve a certain lifestyle for themselves and their families. Our products can help them maintain that in times of need.” He continues, “Life happens. You never know when an accident or sickness may occur strain your finances. Our products can help protect people from the impact of accident or sickness.“

Fred gained experience connecting with and understanding people through his experience in the military. As the child of a military family living abroad, he learned how to interact with and understand other people with different backgrounds and cultures. This skill has served him well as he interacts with the public from all walks of life selling insurance.

In the Marines, Fred learned how to adapt, overcome, and never give up. When faced with obstacles in the field or among his team, those skills have proven essential for success. They have helped him steadily build his career at Combined Insurance.

He also stresses the importance of being patient. “Patience may not be easy, but it is always key to working with people, “he explains. “It takes patience to understand the people you work with in the military and that same skill is necessary to working with your clients.” Fred takes the time to make sure his clients understand the insurance policies they are buying.

Fred as a leader

Fred works very hard on helping his agents understand the skills and qualities that are necessary to develop to become good at sales. He reminds his team that they must always be up for a challenge, because sales is not easy.  But it is rewarding: “At the end of the day,“ he explains, “when you’ve gone to bed, and you know you’ve done the right thing for a family by providing an insurance policy that can help them if the unexpected happens, all the challenges are worth it.. We work our whole lives for the savings we have in our bank accounts and to watch it deplete because of one sickness is very sad. Combined Insurance products can help, and I can be a part of a family’s solution.”

Fred’s team strives to help every customer in the market. Each agent on his team will go above and beyond for each and every customer.

What does Fred love about sales at Combined Insurance? In his own words, “I love the fact that every policy we offer can potentially help someone.” 

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