08/17/2016 Combined Insurance Hosts Millennial Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Alaina Anderson, Summer Intern at Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance Hosts Millennial Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Jasmin Zamora, Communications Specialist, moderated the panel, encouraging the talented group to share their thoughts and experiences as young employees.

We asked: What makes millennials tick in the workplace?

1-Quality feedback from their managers. Having a relationship with a boss built on trust and feedback is important to millennial employees. Millennials want to know if they are doing something wrong so they can fix the problem right away, but they also want recognition when they are making a positive impact on the company.

Sasha Carrillo, Education Trainer, said that her relationship with her boss is built on trust, loyalty and support. She can talk to him openly and honestly about anything that’s important to her at work. The other panelists agreed that having a “coach” instead of a “boss” is important to them: someone who will challenge them, but also offer support and guidance when needed.

2. Opportunities to grow.  The panelists also discussed ways millennials can grow professionally at Combined Insurance and in the workplace in general. Jeff Kelleher, Onboarding Specialist, said that Combined Insurance has given him the opportunity to see the results of his work and feel like a valuable employee. He also does not feel stuck in his current position.  His manager has helped him identify his long-term goals so he can see the big picture when it comes to his career.

3. Embrace technology, change and innovation. The workforce is changing and will continue to change as younger millennials graduate college and begin their careers. Monica Kielawa, Recruiting Program Specialist, noted that millennials grew up in a generation where things were always instant. Employees who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s are accustomed to rapid change. Adapting well to these changes leads to innovation.  She believes it is important employers see millennials for the value they bring through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Achieving a good work-life balance. One panelist noted that employees who are content with their work lives tend to be content with their personal lives at home, and vice versa. Technology allows some types of work to be done from anywhere, and most millennials appreciate the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule. Having email and other technology at their fingertips day and night also makes them at risk for never really “unplugging” from work, which can increase stress.

Advice from millennial employees to summer interns

During the discussion the young employees at Combined Insurance gave the summer Interns great advice about what it’s like to have a full time job. They encouraged the interns to always remember to think outside the box when applying for jobs, step out of comfort zones and seek growth and development opportunities.

As one of the Summer Interns, I can personally say I learned a lot from this discussion, and I look forward to having a full time career! Thank you to our panelists for the great discussion and you can learn more about our summer internship program here.

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