07/14/2017 Pet Safety Tips for Summer Temps

Alli Walsh, Social Media Strategist

Pet Safety Tips for Summer Temps

You know the great feeling you get on the first real summer day, when the sun is shining and warm and all signs of winter have faded away?  Well, have you noticed? Your pets feel it, too! Beautiful weather brings a certain liveliness to their steps and a desire to be out in the beautiful sun. But summer comes with some warm weather concerns.

Consider the following before you—and your pets—enjoy the sunny skies.

Heed the heat. When temperatures are warm, avoid walking pets outside during midday when the sun and temps are at their highest. Early morning or late evening walks reduce the risk of overheating and protect pet’s paws from coming into contact with dangerously hot surfaces.1

If you and your pets must be outdoors during the day, know the signs of overheating. Excessive panting or difficulty breathing, drooling and mild weakness can be early indicators of trouble. Advanced overheating in pets includes symptoms like seizure, vomiting and diarrhea.2 If your pet shows any of these signs, seek veterinary care.

Shave not. It’s a great idea to keep your pet’s coat shorter in summer months, but don’t shave it completely. Animal coats provide a critical layer of sun and heat protection and can’t do their job when shaved. Brushing cats and dogs can be helpful to remove extra hair and keep them cooler throughout the season.3

Critters beware. An early summer trip to the vet for a checkup is a great idea to ensure your pet is in good health for the season. Talk to your veterinarian about his or her own summer safety tips and stock up on flea and tick prevention so your pets are critter-free all season long.4

Avoid the car. While it’s fun to invite your pet to go for a ride, they should not be left waiting in cars in summer months. In just minutes, temperatures inside vehicles climb to over 100 degrees and become dangerously unsafe. Leave pets home where they’re cool and safe. Learn more about pet hot car dangers in this infographic from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals5 , and consider sharing it with your network to raise awareness: https://www.aspca.org/news/download-and-share-our-hot-weather-infographic-prevent-pets-suffering-hot-cars.

Lots of water. It’s always important to ensure your pet has unlimited access to fresh, cool water, but it’s especially critical during warm weather. Access to water helps reduce the risk of overheating and dehydration.6 If you’re on the go, bring along a collapsible pet water bowl and bottles of water.

Special seasonal considerations. Summer months bring increased exposure to things like swimming, screened windows and parties. Always supervise pets near water or during swimming and make sure open windows have secure screens for fall protection. When entertaining, keep a close eye on furry friends to prevent access to table food and alcoholic beverages. And remember, summer months also come with crowds, thunderstorms and fireworks, which can cause anxiety in some pets. Talk to your vet about the best way to keep them comfortable and calm when the skies start rolling or during seasonal celebrations.7


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