04/04/2016 Healthier Lifestyle and Disability Insurance Can Ease Impact of Heart Disease

Jan Martin, Vice President, Product Innovation

Healthier Lifestyle and Disability Insurance Can Ease Impact of Heart Disease

The numbers are stunning: Nearly one in two adults in the United States carry at least one major risk factor for heart disease. Are you one of them? You are if you suffer from: High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Obesity, Unhealthy diet, Lack of exercise. How would heart disease change your life and the lives of those who love you? Have you considered what would happen to your financial health?

Financial Impact

Accidents and illnesses impact people’s financial health, and cardiac disease has the capacity to be devastating to people’s finances.

On average, a cardiac event in the United States results in:

  • A $20,758 hospital bill
  • Two weeks-three months missed work

And don’t forget about all the other potential costs that may be associated with being ill:

  • Transportation to and from doctors’ offices
  • In-home nursing
  • Grocery delivery
  • Housekeeping help
  • Childcare givers
  • Dog walkers
  • Lawn care

Consider that 40% of U.S. workers did not receive a single paid sick day in 2015, and you can see that having a cardiac event means serious financial stress.

Action equals empowerment

No one wants to think about having a cardiac event, but the truth is it happens.  But, the good news is, there are actions you can take now to help avoid the negative impact of having a cardiac event.

First, resolve to improve your cardiac health by considering the risk factors above.

  • Are there changes you can make to your diet and exercise regimens?
  • Medications that would help?

Write down your health goals and stick to them.  Talk to your doctor to make sure you are taking every possible action to improve your heart health.

Next, make a plan for your financial health.

Consider purchasing disability insurance.  Depending on the plan, these products are often structured so as to pays workers when they can’t work and are under a doctor’s care due to sickness or injury.

Some products offer coverage on the very first day of a disabling illness while others make people wait for 30, 60, or even 90 days.  This is huge for people who are living paycheck to paycheck.

When comparing products, also be sure to note how long benefits last.  Some policies offer benefits for up to five years.

Combined Insurance offers supplemental insurance that may be of interest to you if you think you may be at risk for having developing heart disease.  Our products offer an easy  way to help you pay for your daily living expenses.  Be sure to check out our product pages for more information. 

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