04/19/2017 5 Self-Care Changes for Earth Day 2017

Alli Walsh, Social Media Strategist

5 Self-Care Changes for Earth Day 2017

Each year, April 22nd marks the birth of the modern day environmental movement. On that day in 1970, 20 million Americans1 rallied from coast to coast, shedding light on growing environmental concerns and the organization needed for change. By 1990, the movement went global, with 200 million people from 141 countries2 mobilizing environmental issues to the world stage.

From small towns to large municipalities around the world, Earth Day events grow each year. And while you may or may not participate actively in the movement, as a citizen of the world, small changes make huge difference. Especially those you can integrate into your life in maintainable ways, like the habits and products you use at home in relation to self-care. Consider these small, sustainable self-care changes in honor of Earth Day this year:

1. Eat clean.

Choosing whole foods that are organically grown and locally sourced when possible is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint—or total amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Wondering what yours is? Find out with this carbon footprint calculator. The internet (Pinterest specifically!) is your best friend when it comes to finding simple recipes based on these foods and they’re better for your health, too!

2. Discover DIY.

While choosing products that have limited packaging and a basis in nature are great, making your own products goes a lot further for the environment. Think coconut oil for makeup remover and moisturizer, peppermint essential oil + baking soda + coconut oil for toothpaste and food based facial masks. These are just some of the endless ideas for healthy, homemade products you can find online!

3. Be label savvy.

Take a close look at your everyday beauty and makeup products and identify which ones don’t have a Leaping Bunny or PETA symbol. If you don’t see one, that likely means the product contains harsh chemicals that were tested on animals and could contaminate our waterways. Replace them with safe, non-animal tested products on the organizations’ sites.

4. Bathe smart.

You’ve heard it before by limiting water used during your shower makes a big difference. Install a low-flow shower head to reduce the amount of water used by about ½ gallon per minute3. Keep showers under 10 minutes as a rule.

5. Repurpose with style.

You have great taste and it shows in a closet full of clothing and accessories that were on-trend when they were purchased. Don’t let your clothing choices be disposable. For instance, straight leg jeans from a few years ago are back in style with a raw hem. Save jars and cans from foods, clean them up and use for the storage of your makeup brushes, sponges and more. Need more inspiration? Check out 100 repurposing ideas from Mother Earth News.



1,2 http://www.earthday.org/about/the-history-of-earth-day/.
3 http://thechalkboardmag.com/tcm-earth-month-7-day-beauty-challenge and http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx.

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