Choosing a Medicare Supplement policy from Combined Insurance is an easy choice.


Unlike many other companies, Combined Insurance provides in-home service by trained professionals. Our agents work with you to understand your needs and make choosing the appropriate coverage easy. And you generally don’t need to fill out claim forms. Combined Insurance works with your hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare provider to help get the forms completed for you.

Our agents are happy to visit with you, whenever possible, to answer any questions you may have and to help you better understand your insurance. Combined Insurance also has a dedicated customer service phone number for all Medicare Supplement policyholders so they can speak with someone well versed in their coverage.

Combined Insurance’s Medicare Supplement policies are an outstanding value.

  • Your Medicare Supplement coverage can be purchased to go into effect the moment you qualify for Medicare Part B. And if you are moving your coverage from another company to Combined Insurance, we will work with you so that you do not have a break in coverage.
  • Pre-existing(1) conditions are covered immediately and there is no waiting period or reduction in benefits.
  • You are not locked into any network, so you can choose your own doctors, hospitals or other healthcare providers that accept Medicare, anywhere in the country.

(1) A Pre-Existing condition is a condition occurring six months before the effective date of coverage in which medical advice or treatment was given by a health care provider.

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