Combined Insurance’s Medicare Supplement policies do not cover or pay for:

  • Services rendered by or covered by any agency of a state government (except Medicaid), when you have no obligation to pay for such services; or
  • Expenses covered and payable under Medicare.

Medicare Deductible and CoPayment Changes

If Medicare changes its deductible and copayment amounts, the policy benefits will also change. When this happens, your renewal premium may increase. Premiums are based on attained age rating which means your renewal premiums will increase as your age increases.


Combined Insurance guarantees it will renew this policy for your lifetime (so long as the required premium is paid). Combined Insurance reserves the right to change the premium. Any change in premium will be made on all policies of the same class.

30 Day Trial

If you are not satisfied with the policy for any reason, you may cancel your policy within 30 days of the effective date and still receive a full refund.


“Hospital” means an institution which is defined as such by Medicare. It does not include any facility not covered by Medicare.

“Excess Charges” (Only available under Plan F) is the difference between the Medicare Part B- approved expense and the amount charged by the attending physician, which can be no more than the limiting charge allowed by Medicare.

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