5 Ways a Medicare Supplemental plan can help you get the care you need:

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Benefits are paid directly to them. There is no "Gatekeeper."
The Explanation of Medicare Benefits
(EOMB) and the policy number is all
that is needed, in most cases.
So you can find the right plan to fit
your needs.
Through a dedicated customer service
representative, toll-free; or, when
possible, in-home by licensed
professionals who will answer
your questions.

Medicare Supplement

Not so surprisingly, seniors have questions about health care - especially Medicare. Even with all of the information out there you may still be wondering what medical services and expenses Medicare actually covers and which of these are not covered.

But most importantly, you want to be sure that when you require medical treatment your Medicare coverage provides sufficient benefits to meet your needs. We can answer these questions and show you how a Medicare Supplement policy from Combined Insurance can help pay many of the expenses not covered by Medicare.

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