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Common FAQs

We will provide you with the necessary payroll deduction information for each employee who enrolls in the program by the date you set to meet your payroll schedule. Each payday, simply deduct this amount from each employee's paycheque. If an employee's deduction amount changes, we will advise you of the change so that you may adjust your payroll system accordingly. Deduction amounts can change because the employee requests a coverage change or because of an underwriting decision. If the change is the result of an underwriting decision, a letter explaining the change will also be sent to the employee.

Approximately 10 days prior to the Bill Due Date you will receive your Billing Notice. If deductions are taken from your employees' pay weekly or bi-weekly (every two weeks), the amount billed for each employee will vary each month depending on how many deductions (4 or 5 weekly, 2 or 3 bi-weekly) were taken for the bill period. If your employees' deductions are taken semi-monthly (twice a month) or monthly, the amount billed for each employee will be the same from month to month.

If the amount deducted from an individual's pay is more or less than the billed amount for that individual, simply cross through the billed amount and note the revised amount in the "Amount Paid" column. If you know why the amount is different, please indicate the reason for the difference.

If you have been making deductions for an employee whose name does not appear on the bill, simply write in the employee's name and amount deducted on the bill. We will contact the employee directly regarding any premium shortage. We will also refund any overpayment directly to the employee, unless you instruct us to handle it differently.

All Combined Worksite Solutions products are portable. That means the employees own their policies and coverage will remain in-force even if the employee leaves your company. If any employee takes an unpaid leave or terminates employment, please note the bill accordingly.

Employees can also be directed to our policyholder service toll free number, 1-888-815-3688, to advise us of an employment status change.

When we are notified that payroll deductions have stopped, we will immediately mail a bill to the employee's home or arrange for automatic withdrawal of premiums from a chequing account, with the employee's permission.

Once you have reconciled the billed amounts to the amounts deducted for each employee, make your cheque payable to Combined Insurance Worksite Solutions. The cheque amount should be equal to either the billed amount or the adjusted billed amount (if you made changes to the bill). Include your cheque and a copy of the bill, with any changes noted in the pre-printed envelope provided. Be sure to write your Group Number found in the upper right of your bill on your cheque.

If you do not have our pre-printed envelope, mail your payments to:
Combined Insurance Company of America
Customer Service
P.O. Box 3720, MIP
Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 0X5

Payments are due within 10 days of the Due Date noted on the bill. Your account will be past due if we do not receive your payment by this date. Please remember, your employees are counting on you to provide information and payment on a timely basis.

Your Client Coordinator will call you if we have not received payment by 30 days after the due date, and again if we have not received payment by 45 days after the due date. If you have concerns that need to be resolved, if we made an error, or there are problems with the case, we want to work with you to resolve them and expedite payment.

After 60 days, we will write directly to the individual policyholders whose coverage is jeopardized. Your help is needed to assure that the account does not remain past due for long.

If you have questions concerning your bill or questions about the payroll deduction program, please call your Client Coordinator. Your Client Coordinator can be reached toll-free at 1 888 234-4466, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. Please do not hesitate to call.