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Will you be able to afford the best care available if cancer touches someone in your family?

Combined Insurance's Cancer Disability policy can help fill the gaps.

While cancer survival rates have dramatically increased because of modern medical treatment, these treatments are expensive, and together with other related costs, can create a serious financial burden on the victim’s family. Sadly, many people lack the cancer insurance coverage they need to help pay the costs associated with the treatment it may require.

Cancer Disability Insurance gives you:

  • Cancer coverage only, or
  • Coverage for cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Benefits of $100/day or $200/day
  • Benefits of 100 dollars per day or 200 dollars per day
  • Select either individual or family coverage


What's Covered

  • Total disability while hospital confined for a covered condition
  • Total disability following hospital confinement for a covered condition
  • Outpatient treatment loss of time for cancer
  • Total disability following cancer outpatient treatment
  • Optional Return of Premium Benefit upon death
  • Teladoc Medical Experts service is included with your policy

While they’re worrying about you, make sure they aren’t also worrying about family finances

These are paid in addition to all other insurance

Combined Insurance has $5 billion worth of life insurance policies in force in North America and pays 200,000 claims a year in North America.

Get a quote – Cancer Disability Policy

Put our sales representatives to work for you.

The best way for you to get the right policy is to get a quote from a Combined Insurance agent. We know our products inside and out – and more important, we know people. Don’t wait another day – request your quote now.

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