07/12/2018 Efrain’s Jicama Salad: A Powerhouse Addition to Any Summer Meal

Alli Walsh, Social Media Strategist

Efrain’s Jicama Salad: A Powerhouse Addition to Any Summer Meal

Ready to take your summer salads up a notch? Efrain Montoya, graphic designer at Combined Insurance with a Mexican heritage, shares his love of jicama and his family’s jicama salad recipe, with Supplementally Speaking. With a kick of chili pepper and a hint of cilantro, it could be just what you need to get over your same old coleslaw.

Before we get to his recipe, let’s take a look at this little-known vegetable that tastes like a fruit.


Never heard of jicama? (It’s pronounced “hee-cama”. ) That’s because it’s a fairly uncommon food.  But, don’t let its lack of popularity fool you. Grown in tropical regions like the Mexican peninsula, jicama is a round bulbous root vegetable that is starchy and has the texture of a turnip but tastes a little bit like an apple.1  It’s a diverse food that can be enjoyed many different ways.

Health benefits

Jicama is a great choice for people who are looking to add healthy variety to their diets. Jicama is:

  • Low in calories
  • High in fiber infused
  • Infused with oligofructose inulin1 , associated with many benefits such as promoting bone health and intestinal health2
  • Great for people watching their sugar levels to prevent diabetes because it has a low glycemic index1
  • Full of vitamins and antioxidants1

Efrain’s jicama salad

“Summer is a favorite time for my family to come together and share seasonal foods that reflect our heritage”, Efrain explains.  “Jicama salad is always one of the summer staples, because we love the taste and our family strives to eat healthy.”

And, once you peel and chop the jicama and mango, it’s easy to make! Mix all ingredients below, except for cilantro and chili powder, and refrigerate for several hours. Before serving, add the cilantro, chili powder, salt and pepper. Consider this the “base” salad, and feel free to experiment adding red bell peppers, papaya, avocado or raisons to make it your own.

  • 16 ounces jicama, peeled and diced
  • 1 large firm mango, peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons minced fresh cilantro
  • chili powder (to taste)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Make it a meal

While the jicama salad may be the star of the show, Efrain’s family rounds out the summer meal with grilled skirt steak, homemade salsa and tortillas.

We thank Efrain for sharing his healthy recipe. If you try it be sure to send us a picture and let us know what you think using the hashtag #Efrainsjicamasalad.

1 “What Is Jicama Good For?” Mercola.com, foodfacts.mercola.com/jicama.html.
2 The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 129, Issue 7, 1 July 1999, Pages 1402S–1406S, doi.org/10.1093/jn/129.7.1402S.

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