Combined Insurance Values Reservists as Employees

Alli Walsh, Social Media Strategist

Combined Insurance Values Reservists as Employees

Combined Insurance stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to offering meaningful careers and ongoing support to Reservists, as well as military Veterans.

Common Concerns

Despite the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), which protects Reservists from workplace discrimination due to their service, many Reservists find it difficult to find civilian employment when they disclose their military status.

Many companies are concerned about future deployments and complying with USERRA’s requirements. Negative stereotypes also cause reluctance to hire Reservists. Far too many employers think of the stereotypical version of a military member when a resume comes across their desk with service experience. They assume the candidate will march in with a buzz cut, stand at attention, shout “Sir” after every sentence, have constant flashbacks and fail to adjust to a corporate environment.

Benefits of hiring Reservists

In reality, most Reservists offer unique benefits to companies. In general, they:

  • are professional and respectful
  • transition between reserve duty and the civilian workplace environment very quickly and easily
  • are trained in very high tech environments and catch on to systems quickly
  • are highly disciplined
  • are highly responsible
  • have leadership skills
  • are goal-driven

Combined Insurance welcomes Reservists

Combined Insurance recognizes these qualities Reservists and military Veterans have to offer. We were recently recognized as the #1 Military Friendly® Employer by G.I Jobs® magazine, due to our commitment to hiring and retaining Reservists, Guardsmen and military spouses. 

Combined Insurance maintains an active relationship with many military-focused organizations and actively seeks employees who boast a military skill and mindset. We cherish the opportunity to give back to a segment of the population that selflessly gave so much for their country, while at the same time, improving our business by hiring the best and brightest.

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