Life is better when work is meaningful.

A job can be a one-off. A career implies commitment. To work at Combined Insurance, you’re not required to commit to a career. But if you’re like most people, you’ll find you want to – it might be the most meaningful work you do.

The training and tools you'll need and love to use.

Whatever part of the company you work in – sales, worksite, corporate – Combined Insurance gives you the training you need to help you succeed. Some training will be in person and some will be online. And professional development is ongoing. After all, the business keeps changing. And one of our jobs is to ensure we stay competitive in our industry. Our easy-to-use, market-tested sales materials and advanced tablet-based sales platform guide you and give you what you need to help close business and earn commissions.

A company you want to be a part of.

Combined Insurance is a company you’ll be proud to work for – a company that for almost a century has delivered on its promises and provided benefits for families in their times of need. You’ll appreciate the camaraderie at Combined Insurance – everyone pulling together, with just enough competitive spirit to keep it interesting.

Think about the families you're helping, every day. 

When accident or illness strikes, or disability causes loss of income, the average family isn’t financially prepared*. As a Combined Insurance professional, you’re helping make it possible for families to rest a little easier knowing they’re better prepared for whatever life might bring their way.

*Pew Charitable Trust, “The Precarious State of Family Balance Sheets, 2015

The team for you

Imagine yourself on a team of smart, dedicated professionals.

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