Combined Insurance's supplemental critical care insurance can protect your family in the event of a major illness.  Our policies can help cover unexpected expenses that are not covered by other insurance.

Critical Care Insurance

Many people lack the healthcare insurance protection they need when major illness strikes. Many more face major health issues like cancer, heart attack, and stroke with no coverage at all. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to obtain critical care insurance to help fill the gaps and help cover the costs related to recovery from major illnesses.

Combined Insurance's Critical Care Protector offerings can do just that. They are supplemental insurance plans that are clearly written and easy to understand, so you can be sure it's the right plan for you and your family.

Ways to Protect You

Five ways critical care insurance will cover you and your family.

  1. HELPS PAY EXPENSES: Long-term recovery can include many unexpected expenses.
  2. GUARANTED RENEWABLE: As long as your premiums are paid, your right to renew this critical care insurance policy is guaranteed until payment of the Section One benefit, which terminates the policy.
  3. COVERS TODAY'S MOST CRITICAL CONDITIONS: We provide a lump sum benefit to you if you are diagnosed with one of the covered conditions.
  4. BENEFITS PAID DIRECTLY TO YOU: This supplemental insurance policy pays you directly, in addition to all other insurance you may have.
  5. FLEXIBLE COVERAGE OPTIONS: In some cases, you can choose to have your policy paid up in 20 years or have your premiums returned after 15 years.


What's Covered

Combined Insurance's critical care insurance provides a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with, or receive treatment for, one of the following conditions:

33% of all families deplete all or most of their savings because of a serious illness

  • Heart attack
  • Heart surgery (performed at a hospital by a physician)
  • Cancer (except skin cancer, Stage A prostate cancer, and carcinoma in-situ)
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor
  • Kidney failure
  • Organ transplant (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Paralysis (two or more limbs)
  • Dismemberment (two or more limbs)
  • Severe burns
  • Blindness

Benefits are paid in addition to other insurance you may have.

How Much Critical Care Insurance Will You Need?

Though it is difficult to know exactly how much critical care insurance anyone will need to pay out of pocket expenses, an emergency insurance fund equal to one time your annual income may be sufficient. You can always choose more or less depending on your needs, but this amount is a good place to start.

Optional Riders Available

In many states, we offer two different riders to meet your future needs.

The Paid-Up Rider allows you to continue you rcritical care insurance coverage if your policy has been continuously in force for a set period of time*. In other words, you're still insured, but you no longer have to pay your premiums.

Or you could select the Return of Premium Rider. At the end of a specified period of time we will return all of the premiums you paid, less any benefits paid to you over that period. In other words, you receive benefits if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions, or if you're condition-free, we give you your money back.

Learn more about our other Health Insurance option, Cancer Care.

Contact a local Combined Insurance agent to learn more about Critical Care Insurance.

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Availability from a particular company varies by product and state. Subject to availability and qualifications. Life, accident & sickness and disability insurance policies issued by Combined Insurance Company of America in all states, except New York. In New York, life, accident & sickness and disability insurance policies issued by Combined Life Insurance Company of New York. Combined Insurance Company of America is not licensed and does not solicit business in New York.

May Not Be Available in All States

* Please see your policy for specific details.

(1) "Critical Illness Insurance: A Lump-Sum Review." LIMRA's Marketfacts Spring 2002.

Needs Assessment

Download the Needs Assessment worksheet to see if you and your family have the insurance protection you need.

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Earlier this year I became extremely sick, and I was unable to work for more than three months. Combined Insurance was there for me and my family the whole way during this difficult time.

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